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Work continues on the new CD "It Takes What It Takes" 

Lauren’s song “Thirsty,” title track to one of her albums, evokes lost country & western, from a time before Nashville lost the western part and turned it all into dysfunctional relationship, red-state-trailer-park rock." Larry Wines The Acoustic Americana Music Guide 2012

"Lauren Adams has A CD here that is infectious, the lyrics and sweet melodies along with some sweet slide work make you want to keep listening, a very well done recording. The opening track "Poor to Carry It" really is stoked with emotion, this slide just cuts to my heart, love the texture of her music." Jim Moulton - Country Stars Online

"If Tom Petty & Bonnie Raitt had a child, it would be Lauren Adams"  John Zipperer

Winner : "SMART GIRL"

Indie International Songwriting Contest Winner